Shielding Can
We offers a variety of magnetic shielding alloys in various forms to better serve your specific magnetic shielding needs. Some magnetic shielding applications may call for high permeability mumetal, while another may call for medium permeability Alloy 49. Frequently, we see the need for a combination of both mumetal and Alloy 49 magnetic shields. Whatever the case may be, MuShield has you covered as we stock mumetal and Alloy 49 coils.

Soft magnetic nickel-iron alloy with about 80 % nickel, 4.2 - 5.2 % molybdenum, a saturation induction of approximately 8,000 Gauss, the highest technically obtainable permeability, (Max >350,000) and a very low coercive force. Alloy 4 exhibits very high permeability at very low induction, yielding superior magnetic shielding attenuation of low flux density magnetic fields
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