Toque Sensors
Shin Young Electroincs is one of the leaders for manufacturing Torque Sensors for Automotive steering system in the world. We have more than 15 years experience in this line of business, and have a lot of technologies to meet customer's quality standard.
The material we are using for Stators and Collectors is soft magnetick nickel alloy strips FeNi48 & FeNi80Mo5. We are normally using material thickness 0.5t, 0.65t, 0.8t for stators and collectors.

The two main types of torque sensors found in electronic power steering systems are contact and non-contact technologies. Both types perform the same function of taking input steering information and transmitting that data as output back into the EPS system, but there are several functional differences between the two categories.

In developing the concept of electronic power steering, creators of the system are devising better ways to replace the hydraulic parts of more traditional power steering setups. Hoses, belts, and pumps are replaced by digital sensors and motors in the EPS systems we see today. One of the most critical parts in an EPS application is the torque sensor, which collects steering direct and road resistance input and communicates the torque, or the amount of turning force, back to the EPS control module.
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